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Editor Patty Schaus highly recommends Ralf Gamelli’s Now that I am a Robot read by Rufus Nagel and Mike Resnick’s The Last Dog read by Ace Antonio Hall to begin your listening adventure.

From 2007 to 2009 clonepod released jaw dropping science fiction and fantasy with Patty Schaus, Leslie Ann Moore and Kada McDonald as executive editors and Bruce McDonald and Chris Moody as audio producers and Zach Friedman, Forrest Kim and Abby Kim as hosts.

Looking for the old site? stock trade commission calculator

Author Title Reader Link to Audio
Mike Robinson Spooklights Kada McDonald Listen Now!
kisericorimetyvo Forget Me Not Leslie Ann Moore Listen Now!
Leslie Ann Moore The Interview Leslie Ann Moore
Bruce McDonald
Listen Now!
Invisible Leslie Ann Moore Listen Now!
Brian Stableford The Poisoned Chalice Bruce McDonald Listen Now!
Jim C. Hines Goblin Hunter Bruce McDonald Listen Now!
Ralph Gamelli Now That I Am a Robot Rufus Nagel Listen Now!
The Invisible Man is Innocent Bruce McDonald Listen Now!
Catherine Edmunds I have a Daughter Leslie Ann Moore Listen Now!
Matthew Spence At the Aquarium Leslie Ann Moore Listen Now!
Maria Schneider Haunting Clues Leslie Ann Moore Listen Now!
William Meikle Tannis Rufus Nagel Listen Now!
James Hartley Alien Hunt Bruce McDonald Listen Now!
Kassandra Kelly The Cat, The Desert and Lucky .003 Leslie Ann Moore Listen Now!
Jeffrey DeRego Union Dues: Team Shikaragaki - The Ballad of Kitty Momoiro Abby Kim Listen Now!
Union Dues: The Saga of Tam Suji Zach Friedman Listen Now!
Union Dues: The Sojourn of Taizen Kiro Leslie Ann Moore Listen Now!
Nicholas Ozment Trefalgar and the Ape-Men of Haunted Wood Kada McDonald Listen Now!
Walter Jon Williams Incarnation Day Dani Cutler Listen Now!
Neil Gaiman How to Talk to Girls at Parties Bruce McDonald Listen Now!
Mary E. Lowd Forget Me Not Leslie Ann Moore Listen Now!
Eugie Foster Manny The Mailmobile Bruce McDonald Listen Now!
Ken Brady Asleep in the Forest of the Tall Cats Leslie Ann Moore Listen Now!
Gareth D Jones Inside Every Successful Man Patty Schaus Listen Now!
Matthew Johnson Outside Chance Leslie Ann Moore Listen Now!
Liz Mierzejewski In Memory of Maggie Bruce McDonald Listen Now!
John Kratman Old Folk's Home Bruce McDonald Listen Now!
Jeff Carlson Snack Food Bruce McDonald Listen Now!
notefokijag How to Deal With Your Daughter and Her Crabs Leslie Ann Moore Listen Now!
Trading For Dummies, intro to stock market open today regards protecting your property Cold Duty Stephen Killbride Listen Now!
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day trade online of goods Dazzle Joins the Screenwriter’s Guild Ace Antonio Hall Listen Now!
Online forex trading business your own The Last Dog Ace Antonio Hall Listen Now!
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